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Cultivation Station

Jan 4, 2021

Worried about upcoming GAP/GIB audits? Confused how the produce safety rule mixes in with those? We have got you covered! We speak with our own state employees on how to get prepared, resources to utilize for both information and cost assistance, as well as producers who have been there and done that for the audit game. Please contact with any questions, or podcast topic suggestions.
Time Stamps:
1:02 - Colorado Department of Agriculture's Fruit and Vegetable Inspection Team - Brian Pauley ( and Steve Lopez ( More information at
13:30 - Aspen Produce LLC - Jon Gonzales Food Safety/Quality Control Supervisor. More information at
18:04 - Milberger Farms - Shane Milberger Owner/Operator. More information at
28:26 - Colorado Department of Agriculture's Produce Safety Manager with Inspection and Consumer Services - Duane Sinning ( More information: