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Cultivation Station

Apr 30, 2020

Interested in selling your own home-grown produce at farmers' markets, roadside stands or through Community Supported Agriculture programs? This episode will help guide you through the process. We talk with a family farm that operates the largest CSA program in the Denver area, our own Colorado Proud program manager, Colorado State Extension Food Systems team, and the Colorado Farmers Market Association. Most importantly, we put the COVID-19 lens on this summer's situation and learn how to be adaptable and successful. All you need to know to begin selling your produce is right here on the Cultivation Station!


Listening Legend and Resources:
  • 1:00 minute Fleischer Family Farm
  • 17:00 minutes Wendy White - Colorado Proud
  • 23:30 minutes Martha Sullins and Christy Dice - Colorado State University Extension
  • 41:20 minutes Rosalind May - Colorado Farmers Market Association